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want my help writing better copy?

Since I spend part of my days as the Copy Chief for the best podcast production studio around, my eyeballs see a lot of copy.

And I mean A LOT.

Which gives me a superpower most copywriters don’t have the luxury of having:

I’m a skilled copy coach, editor, and yes, copy chief.

In fact, checky this:

I recently brought on a new writer to the aforementioned podcast company. The past couple of weeks, I have (with the help of my team) sent him through the copy gauntlet. Editing his copy with so much “red ink” that even the most sophisticated serial killer gets jelly.

And you know what?

I’ve fast tracked his copywriting journey by YEARS.

Here’s what he said after going through the copy gauntlet:

“I feel like my writing has improved more in two hot seats than it had in the past 6-12 months.”

Not too shabby, eh?

So here’s the point:

If you wanna speed up your copy learning curve, write more infectious copy, and experience the superhuman growth that better copy unlocks… but you don’t think you could afford my outrageous monthly fee to write all your copy myself… then you can hire me to review your copy.

It costs a measly $100 per page.

If’n you’re interested, all you gotta do is book a time here and hop on a call with me.

And who knows, by the end of it, you could be a whole 6-12 months ahead of where you are right now.


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