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Undeniable proof that I’m one of the best ecom copywriters on earf

Your Humble Narrator ain’t gonna be so humble today.

For good reason too. 

Yesterday, while I was in one of my client’s Klaviyo’s accounts, I came across a “hidden” page or sorts inside Klaviyo. This “hidden” page showed us our benchmarks against our industry’s benchmarks. Since he’s in the ecom industry in Klaviyo, that’s the industry in question. 

Here’s how I stacked up against the rest of the ecom industry for Email Revenue Percentage: 

Our benchmark: 59.5% of our revenue comes from email. 

(This stat is actually calculated at a terrible time for us too because we just interrupted our normal sending schedule to promote a few affiliate offers,which get reflected in our bank accounts, but not our Klaviyo accounts.) 

As for the rest of the so-called ecom industry? 

On the low end, the average ecom company is only making 27.8% from email. On the high end, they’re making 48.1%. 

In other words… 

My client makes 114% more revenue from email compared to the low end ecom brands. But we’re still leagues ahead of even the top ecom brands in our industry: 23% better to be exact, which ain’t short change in percentage maths. 

Best part? 

Like I alluded to, I can still boast about how much more revenue my emails drive even when we’re in a little “downturn” due to the affiliate promos we recently ran, where Klaviyo doesn’t reflect all our email revenue. 

Not too shabby, eh? 

Want to make more money from email than your industry too? 

Hit reply, and we’ll set up a quick discovery call to see if working together makes sense. 


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