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Unboxing the Sonos Beam Zyn sent me

I just checked my email after an extensive editing session of 24 emails and found an unusual email: UPS sent me an email saying that a package had been delivered. 

“Hmmmm, I don’t remember ordering a package. I wonder what it is,” I thought to myself. 

So, I leave my office, head out the front door, and BAM, yup, a package was delivered. 

A pretty big package too. 

Y’see, for the past I don’t even know how many months, I've been saving up my Zyn rewards for the Sonos Beam. I already have two Sonos Era 100’s—and while I mostly use them as individual speakers, the few times I’ve hooked them up as a stereo pair got me chomping at the bit to add the Beam to the mix. I can use it for both movies and music.

But it took me 9,000 Zyn reward points to get here. It didn’t happen overnight. 

I also never suspected the Beam would come today. 

Before our camping trip, literally on the Thursday as we traveled (one week ago from the day I’m writing these words), I finally saved up enough points to order the Beam. 

But after ordering, Zyn said it usually takes 4-6 weeks to deliver rewards. 

Well, they sure as shyt underpromised and overdelivered on that one. 

(Lesson there: It’s much better to have your customers eagerly anticipating their latest purchase rather than promising two-day delivery when it takes weeks to get to their doorstep.) 

The unboxing experience, like most modern unboxing experiences after Apple changed the game and turned unboxing into an experience (another lesson there), was as pleasant as you’d think. 

The Beam itself was wrapped in a fabric cloth that feels good to the touch. The wires are wrapped intentionally (which made it easy to rebox until I’m ready to set this bad boy up after work). And it even came with a two-step getting started pamphlet. 

But there was something else unsuspected in this Sonos packaging: 

A Zyn upsell. 

(I’ve been trying to tell you that they have their marketing dialed in.) 

The upsell?

Well, it turns out that Zyn is now offering a subscription service. 

I doubt I’ll take them up on it—at least at the moment. 

But the fact that they even had the foresight to add an upsell into a package that isn’t even from their brand is enough to please my inner marketer. 


Many lessons in this email that you can apply to your ecom business. Read through this email a few times to make sure you’ve got all the lessons. 

And if you need help implementing an email strategy that includes smart upsells like this, that makes your audience eager to buy your every product, and one that can ratchet up your bottom line better than mayhap any other marketing channel, hit reply. 

And let’s chat on how we can set something like this up in your business. 


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