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Twitter email “guru” exposed for doctoring his results (lol)

Email copywriters everywhere took a massive blow a couple days ago.


Well, one email “guru” on Twitter got exposed for faking his screenshots. Dude put out multiple tweets with doctored screenshots from Klaviyo. He photoshopped the screenshots to make it look like he generated more moolah than he actually did.


Not a good look.

But it brings up a valuable lesson I’ve shared many and many-a time:

Do your due diligence before hiring anyone, especially copywriters.

Many copywriters are social-media-paths. They talk a big game on social media, saying all the right words to woo would-be clients. But when you do a few seconds of due diligence, you realize many of these same guys are complete frauds.

I’ve heard horror stories of copywriters receiving a large invoice (around $10k) for writing a sales letter where they either:

A) Take the foolish client’s money and ghost them


B) Cut-and-paste copy from other sales letters and call it theirs (even though they didn’t write a single word)

Of course, there are also these email jabronis who doctor screenshots and make themselves look better than they are.

And, if we’re being honest here, I think many and many-a are sociopaths who “get off” to scamming other people over.

That’s why you must do your due diligence. Yes, even if you wanna work with me.

And heed this advice for your wallet’s sake:

Treat each review, testimonial, screenshot of revenue, or any other kind of “social proof” like it’s fake. Because, as our Twitter email guru shows us, it probably is fake. Photoshop’s never been easier to use or more accessible, meaning doctoring social proof is the most effective way scammers take advantage of innocent business owners.

(Bonus lesson in there: The reason they doctor social proof? It’s one of the most persuasive copywriting tactics.)

And if’n you’re a copywriter reading this?

Unsubscribe now if you’ve ever even thought about doctoring screenshots. The links down below.

Having a little short term success ain’t worth sacrificing long-term trust.

Remember the “KLT factor” I ramble on and on about?


Sabotage trust, and you’re gonna have a long, rough road in your business.


I’m happy this news came out, even though it makes email copywriters everywhere look sleazy.


Because it makes it easier for us honest copywriters to stand out.

If you need a copywriter who will generate massive results (who will never doctor screenshots to inflate my ego or dupe potential clients), book a call here, and let’s chat.


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