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Told you taking vacations makes your wallet obese

As you know from my consistent yapping about it, Peanut and I just went to Austin to visit some friends.

Here’s another thing I’ve been yapping about as of late:

When I go on vacations, somehow, I return to a bigger business.

This has proven true for all of 2022 — as I traveled to Florida, Michigan, Myrtle Beach, and Austin. I believe this is true for 2020 and 2021 too, but I didn’t pay attention as much back then.

Anywho, I might be speaking a little early here. But I have one new client 90% closed — I just need to have one last interview with him and send him the invoice. And I just got an email from a long-time client asking me if I’d like a referral to someone in her network.

Plus, I have at least a few hot leads in my pipeline. Not to mention, I’m in the middle of creating another asset which attracts clients to me rather than me chasing them down. More on that later.

(Powerful positioning lesson in there if’n you’re wise enough to catch it.)

Anyway, I bring this up for a few selfish reasons:

1. I need to drill this into my noggin.

Since it’s completely counterintuitive, it’s easy for the logical side of my brain to call me crazy for believing this. (Especially when I’ve only worked a somewhat normal schedule on 25% of my vacations this year.)

But vacation after vacation, I’ve proven that abundance beats logic (even when it doesn’t make sense). I just wish I would’ve discovered this secret sooner.

2. My client roster is filling up fast.

Now, I have several plans to be able to handle a bigger client roster without sacrificing my results. But if’n you’d like to beat the rush and buy some of my time before I raise my rates even higher, now’s the time to hit reply.

3. I want to drill this concept into your head.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “John, you dummy, how is it selfish to help more people unlock and experience freedom?” And you might be kinda right.

But it’s also selfish.

Here’s why:

First, the more vacations you take, the more money you make, the easier my outrageous fees are to afford. Second, the more vacations you take, the more delegate control of your business, and the bigger impact I can have if’n we work together. Third, I’ve recently realized my life’s mission is helping other mfs discover freedom.

I dropped out of college because I valued freedom and my time.

I quit my job because I valued freedom and knew I could earn more.

I’ve fired clients because I value my freedom and know my worth.

I write these emails, so I can help you discover and practice freedom. Whether you’re a fellow copywriter like muah, or a business owner.

Even my political views value freedom over everything else.

Freedom is the name of the game. It’s why our Founding Fathers fought against Britain. It’s why every business owner starts their business. It’s why young kids hate school — and why old people hate nursing homes.

Freedom is the key to prosperity. It’s more valuable than money and time combined. And I want you to experience the sweet, sweet sensation of freedom as much as possible.

Ready to experience an abundance of freedom your ancestors yearned, warred, and died for?


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