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this is your competition

One of my first days in Austin, I searched for the closest Planet Fitness near me.

What happened next shocked me…

(How’s that for a lil clickbait! Spoiler: It did not shock me.)

Anyway, there are a few different Planet Fitnesses around the area. So I started looking at the reviews of each particular location to pick the least-bad one.

And, boy, some of these reviews are wild.

Like this one:

“Lately they appear to be trying to save money on A/C and it is noticeable and gross feeling.”

(uhhhh, sir, you realize you’re at a gym right?)

Or this (slightly) older one:

“I went in and canceled my policy and the employee kept removing their masks and exposing their noses and people in the gym were drinking water and working out with the mask below their noses. When I pointed that out they said well we’re healthy so will be fine…”

(I’m sure you’re fun at parties.)

Another lady left a scathing review because the manager “mansplained” to someone — not even her from what I can tell.

Moral of the story?

This is your competition.

And ain’t that good news?

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