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This is the last time I make this boneheaded mistake

Time for an embarrassing, yet important cautionary tale that can protect you from headaches and frustration.

I’ve made this boneheaded mistake a few times in the 3 years I’ve run my copywriting business. But I just made it for the last time. My only goal with this email is to help you avoid making this same mistake.

And you know what?

This mistake applies to every business under the sun — not just copywriting or service businesses.

What’s this mistake?

Agreeing to work with a business on a commission-only basis. (If you run a business with physical products, this is the same as discounting your products.)


It attracts the worst type of clients.

What do I mean by worst type of clients?

Well, these clients won’t pay you on time. In fact, I’ve had an outstanding invoice with one client in particular for 2 years. I’ve given up on receiving the money I’m owed, yes. I don’t need the money either. But I will never forget, and I’ll never work with said client again (even if they pay me).

These clients also won’t respect your time. They think they’re owed multiple, hour-long meetings talking about nada because, well, they don’t respect your time.

These clients will go behind your back and send emails without your permission. A recent client (whom I’m about to fire) has tried to run a few sales promos. This not only hurts my wallet—promos make money, even if it’s at the expense of the relationship with your list—but it also hurts my impact because promos are a short-term “solution” which wreck your long-term results. Especially when they happen every other week.

I’m done working on these types of deals.

And I recommend you avoid working on these types of deals too.

But hear this:

It’s more difficult saying no to these deals irl than you think.

I got burned by one of my first clients 2 years ago. Thought I was done making these kinds of deals. But then I talked to another biz owner that I wanted to help. And well, I made the foolish decision to try to help him, and got burned again.

It’s just not worth the hassle. I’m a copywriter, not a tax collector. And tracking down invoices like a tax collector is not the best way to spend my time.


I hope this gives you the confidence and the courage to tell a prospect who wants to pay you a percentage of sales no.

They’re trying to take advantage of you.

No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

In related news:

If you’re willing to penny up my outrageous fees, book a call with me here. Of course, results may vary, but we could just drive up your email revenue by as much as 264%.


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