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These 3 series convert better than an abandoned cart

I walked into one of my client’s email software this morning…

(Yes, you read that right. I walked in. Y’know why? Because I’m a seasoned email copywriter baby — and us seasoned email copywriters can take our physical bodies, digitize them, and walk into software platforms.)


I was checking out our various automated flows, and stumbled upon sumtin interesting:

There are 3 flows converting better than our abandoned cart sequence right now.

For the uninitiated:

Abandoned cart flows usually command the highest conversion rates. Why? Well, because folks who are on your website and click a button to add a product to their cart have some of the highest intent outta any of your leads.

Yet, we had 3 email flows that dominated this abandoned cart flow.

So, what are these 3 flows?

Well, two of them are a specific post-purchase flow. They enroll in these automations after buying a specific product from our store.

The first post-purchase flow converts at 11.11%. The second one converts at 10.67%.

Here’s why these two convert higher than our abandoned cart sequence:

People who have just ordered a product from you have even higher buyer intent than someone who adds something to their cart. Customers who have already whipped out their wallet to pay you are more likely to whip out their wallet again to pay you again than someone you need to convince to whip out their wallet for the first time.

So these two sequences are kinda like “cheat codes.” Especially when other products in my client’s store enhance the product they’ve ordered.

But the third flow defies all marketing benchmarks in the world:

The third flow converts at 10.43%.

It’s generated $15,057.72 to date, and only went out to 863 people.

And the 863 folks in this campaign do not have the same “intent benefit” as the two post-purchase flows and abandoned cart flow.

What’s this mystical 3rd sequence?

Any guesses?

If you guessed a Welcome Series, you are correct.

That's right, our welcome sequence converts better than our abandoned cart.

When I noticed our welcome series converts at 10-11% (it fluctuates up and down every day — and it’s a bit lower than when I last checked because I’m writing this on a Monday, and folks might not buy as much during a weekend as they do during the week), I did some additional research on benchmarks for welcome sequences.

I didn’t find much about welcome benchmarks on Google, but I did come across one Klaviyo article.

The highest conversion rate on Klaviyo’s welcome series benchmark article was 2%.


If I’m doing my math right… our welcome series converts 400% more than the highest welcome series benchmark according to Klaviyo!

Best part?

This series has been live for a couple of months.

Imagine making an extra $15k in a couple of months.

And y’know what?

Once your welcome sequence exists and converts, it keeps on trickling out to new subscribers.

Anyway, if you need help recreating your welcome series, book a call with me here.

Helping you create a welcome series that converts is only one of the ways we can beef up your email game — so your business makes more money as you work less.

Grab a time, and let's get the ball rolling.


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