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The “Yeti” method for unbeatable positioning

A while back, I saw a skit of how Yeti—the luxury cooler brand that instantly bumps up your social status a few notches—was invented. 

Twas a silly skit with an important point:

The skit starts with “Yeti” employees raging because there’s no possible way they can compete with the standard $30 cooler you find in the summer section at your local Walmart. 

Then, the other employee had a stroke of genius… Not only did he figure out how to compete with the $30 cooler, but he knew that his idea would give them unbeatable positioning. So unbeatable that customers themselves would defend the products’ shortcomings tooth and nail and pretend they’re advantages instead of disadvantages. 

Before I reveal his secret… let me first say this: 

In your business, even if you’re not trying to compete with, say, a $30 cooler, you can “swipe” this Yeti skit, tweak it to work for your benefit, and enjoy the same benefits Yeti enjoys too. ALl it takes is a little bit of thinking. 

Anyway, back to the stroke of genius… 

His brilliant idea to compete with the $30 cooler, turn shortcomings into advantages (a powerful marketing and copywriting skill, indeed), and create some of the most diehard loyal customers around was as simple as it sounds:

He wanted to add a 0. 

Instead of trying to sell their Yeti coolers for $30, they sold them for $300. 

Now, while this is obviously a skit designed to poke fun at the brand, it accidentally stumbled upon a powerful psychological secret:

The more someone invests in something, the more they feel obligated to defend their decision. That’s how Yeti dominates positioning:

They’re coolers aren’t expensive, they’re a luxury item. 

They’re not heavy, they’re durable and rugged and outdoorsy. 

Now, it doesn’t hurt that Yetis are also superior coolers, allowing ice to last for up to a week without melting. 

But that’s how the Yeti brand has been evaluated as a 3.48 B company. 

Do with this info what thou wilt. 

And if you need help creating this kind of ironclad positioning and loyalty, one of the best ways to do this for your brand, assuming your brand isn’t a 3.48 B brand, is with email. 

Hit reply if you wanna talk shop about email and figure out if partnering makes sense.


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