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The WNBA mistake that will bankrupt your business

“Did you catch the WNBA game last night?”

— Said nobody ever

And yet, the WNBA keeps trucking along, playing games where it’s obvious that not even all the parents of the players show up.

How is this possible?

Well, the NBA props up the WNBA. They don’t need to make money because the NBA makes so much. And the problem is… many ecom businesses make this “WNBA mistake” but you don’t have a multibillion dollar sports league propping you up.

So, what’s this mistake?

It’s the idea of sabotaging your success.

Here’s what I mean:

WNBA games are dreadfully boring. Peanut and I were just chatting about how outrageous it is that the WNBA exists in a world where professional softball doesn’t exist (or gets no media coverage that it’s as if it doesn’t exist).

People like watching softball. They don’t like watching the WNBA.

And the reason why reveals this “WNBA mistake” I’m talking about…

See, there’s an easy fix you could make to the WNBA that would instantly boost its excitement, viewership, and fanship.

But the WNBA doesn’t wanna make this change because it’s a dead giveaway that their idea failed.

The change?

Move the hoops down from 10 feet to 8 feet, or 8.5 feet.

This would bring dunking and alley-ooping—mayhap the most exciting bursts in all of sports sports—into the game.

Scoring would become way easier too, leading to more exciting games.

And the overall product may get to a point where they don’t have to rely on the NBA’s moolah to exist.

This is what softball gets right:

Women don’t play baseball, they play softball. They have slightly different rules that fit the female’s body better (pitching a baseball the way men do is terrible for women’s breasts). And it makes the game different from baseball, and thus, more exciting.

There are several implications here for your ecom business too…

* Knowing the differences of writing copy for a men-dominated audience and a female-dominated audience (the different sexes have different quirks)

* Giving your business a chance to succeed—like softball does, and the WNBA doesn’t

* Making slight tweaks to your products, services, or offers that increase the general experience

* Figuring out a way to turn a boring product or service into an exciting one (because as the WNBA proves, boredom is the death of a sale, unless you can rely on daddy NBA to pay your bills)

And the list goes on.

Need help identifying where you’re committing a “WNBA mistake” in your ecom business or email strategy?


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