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The weird “Wisconsin cheese whips” business lesson

Peanut and I had friends visit us from Green Bay over the weekend.

They got in Saturday night: We had a bonfire in our backyard, enjoyed a few Wisconsin-based beers and cheese whips, and got settled.

Sunday, we went to the Pittsburgh vs Green Bay game, stayed the night in Pittsburgh, and saw a show on Sunday night.

On Monday, we drove back home, went out for a sushi dinner, I returned their favor of Wisconsin-based beers by buying them a few Ohio-based beers, and we watched Monday Night Football and hung out until we were ready for bed.

Then, today (I’m writing this on a Tuesday), they left for their trek home, and returned to my regular weekly programming of work.

Here’s why I “bore” you with this story:

This is the life your business should allow you to create. Now, you can use the freedom your business creates for whatever you’d like. But the trap too many biz owners fall into is letting their business enslave them instead of the other way around.

I didn’t work for even a single minute while they were here. I didn’t have to check my email. I didn’t have to put out any client fires. And I didn’t have to do any other type of work whatsoever—for myself nor my clients.

Partly because I worked a few extra hours before they arrived, so I could take Monday off without fretting about checking my email. And partly because I created my business to give me days off whenever I please. Even with Black Friday only a few weeks out (and lots and lots of client emails needing to be written before Black Friday hits).

If your business doesn’t create the same freedom for you, then mayhap I can help.

Not only have I created a business for myself that gives me the freedom I want, but my weird emailing style also grows your revenue without you. Which means, the longer we work together… the more revenue your business creates… and the more freedom you can enjoy, no matter how you choose to enjoy said freedom.

Wanna learn more and see how it can work in your business?

Hit reply, and let’s set up a quick call to make sure we’re a good fit.


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