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the weird way golfing improves your copy chops

Few weeks back, I golfed for the first time this season.

Since I live in Ohio, I have a good 6-month break when I can’t golf much.

And, I always worry that I’m gonna be rusty when I start playing again.

Well, that kinda happened my first time out this year. And it kinda didn’t happen.

On my first hole, I shot an 8 for an ugly snowman. I lucked out because it was a par five—meaning, it was only a triple bogey (lol).

But y’know what?

I shot a 40 the rest of the round.

I scored a 48 through 9, which is one of my best performances to date. And if I played the first hole good as I played the following 8, I would’ve shot a 45 (or less).

In fact, there was a stretch where I almost hit 5 pars in a row. But I missed a couple makeable putts.

So what happened?

Did it just take one hole to knock the rust off me bones?

Well, kinda.

But I also made a small, almost imperceptible tweak:

I bent my knees less.

Twas a small change, yes, but it made a massive difference. (The difference between scoring under 50 and over 65.)

Instead of “topping” the ball, I made solid contact with each swing.

I nailed some nice putts.

And I don’t think I had another triple bogey the rest of the time.

Buncha lessons in here if’n you’re wise enough to see em.

Lección número uno: Small tweaks lead to massive changes.

Lección número dos: Sometimes you make hefty mistakes before realizing massive success.

Lección número tres: Don’t fret on your mistakes.

Anyway, you can apply each of these lecciones into your copy and your business.

If’n you do?

Methinks you’ll see more and more success magnetized to you, especially over the long term.


Megots a long day of writing copy and drinking coffee ahead.

So I’ll leave you with this:

If you want someone to run your emails and make you more money from email alone than you ever made in a given month, book a call.

If you have a proven offer, a list, and we vibe, we’ll make magic happen.


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