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The “Vacation Friends” secret for retaining clients for years

Peanut and I recently rewatched Vacation Friends, an absurd little movie about what happens when two couples—who have wildly different world views—cross paths on vacation.

The hilarity comes from both couples being wildly different:

One of the couples is uptight. They planned their vacation for months (or mayhap years). The husband planned an elaborate proposal for his wife (which was ruined almost as soon as the movie started). He owns his own construction company, and no matter how beautiful the resort is, they can’t seem to fully “relax” (until drugs and alcohol enter…).

The other couple is the complete opposite:

They’re laid back. Relaxed. Didn’t plan this vacation at all—and end up spending all their savings on a week of vacationing. They invite the first couple to stay in their suite with them after the first couple’s suite got flooded and ruined. They rented a boat, and were completely unphased when the first couple crashed their rented boat.

Throughout the movie, both couples get into a series of hijinks as the second couple teaches the first how to relax and enjoy the present moment.

It’s a silly movie, yes.

But it also made me realize something:

As a freelancer, it’s your job to be the “Vacation Friends” for your clients:

To keep your cool when chaos ensues in the business.

To comfort your clients when a new product launch goes south.

To provide moral support when your client wants to try something new in their business.

To protect their mental health, so your client shows up as their best self.

In other words…

Exuding a calm, laid back sense of confidence for your clients so they can rely on you as their “Vacation Friend.”

Only difference is… (well, besides all the alcohol- and drug-fueled shenanigans…)

Being a “Vacation Friend” for your clients allows you to retain them for years. Something that the second couple had a much harder time doing because as soon as vacation ended, the first couple reverted back to their uptight selves.


Need a “Vacation Friend” for your business?

Hit reply, and let me show you how I can boost your email revenue by 50%, 100%, or mayhap even 200% in the next couple of months.


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