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The ultimate cheat code for business and wealth creation

Every business owner, entrepreneur, and even the most regular degular NPC normies want to figure out shortcuts to grow their wealth.

But none of these shortcuts are as powerful as the one I’m about to reveal for you in this email…

In fact, if you embed today’s email lesson into your psyche, nothing—and I mean NOthing—will stop you from creating a killer business and unlocking an avalanche of wealth.

Best part?

The lesson is a cheat code and a “shortcut” in a way.

It doesn't require you to be the best in the business…

To be a masterful copywriter or thought leader…

Or to have the best positioning in the world.

Nope, it’s much simpler than that.

The secret?

Well, lemme tell you a quick story that highlights this in action first:

The other day, I had a sales call with a startup business owner. Normally, I wouldn’t even entertain startups because they don’t have the funds to pay me.

But this startup was different…

He had 80+% profit margins. He has a massive list. And he’s not afraid to fire before he aims (a key trait needed for successful startups).

And so, he booked a meeting with me on my calendar.

We got to talking…

And he wanted to hire me for a cold email thang.

Now, cold email ain’t my bread and butter.

But I know a thing or two or three about cold email, which most people don’t.

During our sales call, I kept dropping hints and pro-tips for the wild world of cold email, which proved my expertise.

And he decided to hire me for a lucrative deal.

Not because I’m the expert on cold email (I’m far from it and even admitted such to him). But because I know and leverage the ultimate cheat code for business and wealth creation:

Being one step ahead of your target audience.

In this case, I’m more than one step ahead. But still, cold email ain’t my bread and butter.

Figure out how to apply being one step ahead of your target audience, and the world will be your playground for creating as much wealth as you can humanly stomach.

Many such cases of non-experts leveraging this cheat code and generating many and many-a millions of dollars for themselves, their clients, and their customers.

Need help using this cheat code in your emails and business?


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