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The trick to writing copy FAST

“Money is attracted to speed.”

If you’ve hung out in online circles like Money Twitter, then you’ve heard this platitude before. It’s a good platitude, in fact, it may be one of my favorites.

Because it’s as true as it is platitude-y.

Stan Lee was the first to figure this out:

Back when he ran Marvel in the early days and realized that if he ever struggled to pay his bills, he could simply write more stories.

Ben Settle teaches this lesson too:

His main point being that the faster you can write copy, the more you can get paid.

Ben expands on this point by saying something like this:

Getting something out, even if it’s riddled with typos and half-baked thoughts, is much better (and more profitable) than letting perfectionism get in your way.

And it’s an ideology I embody as much as I can.

For example, the emails I write to this list often aren’t perfect.

I make silly typos, sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident.

I rarely edit these things or even so much as read them back before I load them into my autoresponder and “publish” them.

Back when I used Aweber, I didn’t even bother making them look pretty. If you’re old enough to remember, my emails were drowning in

weird paragraph breaks like this and other formatting mistakes that did, I admit, make the general experience

of reading these emails suffer.

(I did the above on purpose to show you an example of how poor my formatting was when I used Aweber.)

And when I write emails to this list, it doesn’t take me much longer than 15-20 minutes per email, depending on the length.

But when I write emails for my clients?

Well, since it’s their name on it, I have to follow some of the rules I ruthlessly ignore here.

I make sure it’s not riddled with typos. Or has poor formatting. Or has any other mistakes.

Which means, it takes longer.

But money’s still attracted to speed.

So let me reveal another way I cut down the time it takes to write emails for my clients:

Since I write all my copy in a Google Docs, and since most of my clients fall into the same niche (and often talk about the same topics), I “swipe” from myself.

If I’m writing an email about X topic, I’ll search for X in Docs. And before you know it, I have access to a bunch of interesting angles, anecdotes, stories, and other bits of email fodder I can repurpose for the email I’m writing at the moment.

I just did this the other day:

One of my client’s suppliers messaged us about a last-minute sale.

And so, I loaded up my trusty Docs, and wrote 3 quick emails in about 20-30 minutes because I had already done most of the “legwork” before.

A simple trick that helps both my clients and myself make more moolah.


If you want to “borrow” the experience of someone with collectively decades of experience writing emails (I haven't written emails for that long, but combining my experience with clients over the past 3 years means I have more experience writing emails than someone who has had an email copywriting job for one company for over a decade…), then hit reply.

We’ll figure out how to unlock the treasure trove of revenue sitting in your email software right now, while also growing your impact to the point that I may even help you land podcast interviews, while, of course, growing your freedom and freeing you from the binds your bidness may hold on you right now.


Book a call with me here, and let’s chat.


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