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The tale of two career paths

Today’s story will fly in the face of the typical guru advice you’d find on Twitter.


Because most of the advice you find on guru Twitter is about how you must own your own business to be successful.

Some gurus think it’s literally impossible to build wealth if you have a J-O-B.

Frauds like Ty frankel (rip) tweet out outlandish shyt like how your family hates you if you don’t have your own business.

And yet, sometimes a job is better than having your own business. In fact, a job may be your best option — and may pay you many times over what you make in your business now.

Here’s the story:

Three years ago, my buddy and I started the next chapters of our lives at the same time. I quit my job to start freelancing. He landed a role as sales assistant for this massive shipping company.

He stayed in his sales assistant role for 6 months before he officially joined the sales team, where he acts as a broker between companies who ship a ton of raw goods and truckers.

The job offered him a $40k base salary and commission.

Meanwhile, I was grinding 7 days a week trying to find and close clients.

Fast forward a year or so:

I figured out a new lead gen system which skyrocketed my income and gave me some of my freedom back. But his income also skyrocketed — and it shot up much faster than mine did.

To be fair, my buddy already had sales skills. About 10 years ago, after dropping out of music college, he landed a gig at a telemarketing agency. And he became the manager of the telemarketing agency within his first 6 months.

Fast forward to today:

We were chatting last week, and he was complaining about his outrageous tax bill. (He was a lifelong democrat before landing this gig. Now he tells me he’d “never vote blue again.”) And so, I asked him how much he thinks he’ll make this year.

His answer?

I won’t tell you exactly, but I will tell you this:

It’s between $250k and $500k — and it’s closer to $500k than it is to $250k.

He went from being paid hourly as a sales assistant to making mid-six figures in under three years. He unlocked the type of growth and financial freedom that gurus on Twitter fap over. And, no, he doesn’t have his own business (and never will).

Here’s why I bring it up:

Jobs get a lot of hate. But jobs, especially sales jobs, may be the fastest way to grow your income.

Now, of course, he doesn’t enjoy as much freedom as I do. There have been times when we were hanging out when he got a call from an unruly trucker and spent the next 45 minutes (after hours) going back and forth with these guys. But as he grows, he hires more people on his team — who take the “grunt work” off of his plate. In fact, he’s almost like the CEO for his specific clients at the company he works for.

It’s a good gig, and I’m beyond proud of him.

Maybe you got something from this email. Maybe not. I just hope I granted you the ability to think differently about having a job vs owning a business.

A business ain’t always sunshine and rainbows. (Neither is a job, but it’s absolutely possible to build wealth and experience freedom when you work for someone else.)


I value freedom more than anything. You can always make more money, you can never make more time. And so, if you want to make more money and more time, email is like a cheat code for both. Especially when you work with a proven money and freedom maximizer like yours truly.

So if your business makes decent money, but sucks up all your time…

And if we’re a good fit, I’ll create a plan to skyrocket your revenue and freedom.


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