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The stoopid-obvious, yet oft neglected way to write more persuasive copy

Got an Obvious Adams insight for you today:

And if you’ve never read the short Obvious Adams story by Robert Updegraff, that’s a mandatory reading for you today. It sells for pennies on the dollars online (and you can find a *gasp* free version with some smart search queries, but I don’t condone piracy, unless, well, you’re an actual pirate).

Anywho, here goes:

When copywriters want to write better, more persuasive, and more infectious copy, they do a lot of, frankly, boneheaded moves:

* They spend hours on Reddit forums learning more about their ideal audience (not realizing, that Redditers are often allergic to buying products to improve their life)

* They waste even more hours in lame Facebook Groups (which are often filled with the same non-buyers as Reddit, and causes them to mindlessly scroll through social media for longer than they’d like to admit before they even realize they’re diddling their day away)

* They google different angles to their fingers bleed

* They strike up a conversation with ChatGPT, who only has a surface level knowledge of whatever it is they’re trying to dig outta it

* They search for the sales letters in their niche

And yet, many times, they don’t do two of the most painfully obvious things:

1. Actually buy (and try) the product

2. Ask for interviews with customers to understand their “why” for buying

Why don’t they do this?

Well, the first one costs money, and the second one costs time and/or money. Not to mention they’re lazy, entitled, and arrogant.

But hear this, cully:

The two stoopid-obvious market and product research methods listed above work. Like mf gangbusters too.

Both, though in different ways, give you a more intimate connection with the product, brand, and your customer avatar. Sumtin’ you can’t replicate by reading Reddit posts, blog posts, or even Amazon reviews.

And the sooner you incorporate these into your copy, the better results you’ll get. The happier clients you have. And the more loot you’ll get to enjoy (to bring us back to the pirate reference above).


Now, here’s one problem that business owners especially face when it comes to these market and product research methods:

You’re too close to your products, your customers, and your business. That’s why outsourcing this work to a professional copywriter kills several birds with a single stone:

* Your emails make more moolah

* You have a better understanding of your market, products, and customer base (without running the risk of making assumptions about them because you’re too close to it)

* This info can help other members of your sales and marketing team, if’n you have them

* Your customers will feel like you have a “sixth sense” for understanding them and their needs (which makes them more loyal and likely to send more business your way)

All of which result in a growing and prosperous bidness.

So, need help with this?

Grab a time here, and let’s hop on a quick call to see if partnering on your emails (and other important tasks like the ones I mentioned above) make sense.


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