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The sneaky welcome series trick which increases sales by 296%

Yesterday, I explained how my email secrets resulted in a 123.191% increase in revenue—compared to my client’s previous best month in business.

One of the ways I did that was with a sneaky welcome series trick.

Here’s the sitch:

After knocking out the basic automations when we started working together — flows like abandoned carts, browse abandonments, etc. — I recommended a welcome series.

Before I entered my client’s world, he fell for the same trap most ecom brands do:

He sent pretty HTML emails because Klaviyo or some email “guru” told him too.

But they didn’t work.

In fact, the “pretty” emails in his welcome series were so pathetic, they didn’t make any sales in the last 90 days (mayhap longer).

So, I went in and gave him the “Profit First Welcome Series System” I use with my clients.

And wouldya guess what happened:

Sales started coming in immediately.

It was a drastic 180-degree turn from his old, heavily-designed welcome series.

The initial rollout of this new welcome series performed so well (and his old one performed so badly) that I mentioned a sneaky trick for him:

I wanted to “back-populate” this flow, so it went out to everybody who received the old and shytty welcome series.

Annnnnnd, the results are in:

The welcome series with the back-populated folks has been live for 3 days—only 3 emails went out—and it’s already generated $610 in revenue.

It will go higher as more of our list goes through this welcome series.

But an extra $610 in revenue for doing nothing other than cloning a flow and creating a new segment?

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Combine this with the other automation work I’ve been doing…

I increased his email revenue from flows by 296%.

And the best part?

My “Profit First Welcome Series System” makes immediate sales, yes, as the data proves.

But it also optimizes for longer tail sales.


Everyone who receives the emails in this welcome series are more likely to buy from every other email we ever send.

Here’s why:

In my “Profit First Welcome Series System,” I indoctrinate mfs into buying and buying often.

I won’t get into it here — but this system works like gangbusters with every client I’ve tried it with.

And you know what?

I might even consider selling a template of my “Profit First Welcome Series System” if’n you’re interested.

If you want it, hit reply, so I can gauge the interest.

Now, yours might not perform as well as mine. And that’s okay, I’ve been at this game for years—3 years in my personal biz and at least 2 years working for “the man.”

But I can almost guarantee it will perform better than any welcome series system you’re following now.

And I can 100% guarantee it will outperform any lame-ass, heavily-designed HTML emails in your welcome series.


If you want my system, hit reply. If there’s enough interest, I might make it available to buy.


P.S. Or if you want my 1-on-1 help, let’s set up a call.

(Just realize I charge way more than whatever I’ll charge for my “Profit First Welcome Series System”)

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