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The sneaky welcome email that multiplies sales

I have a quick tip for you today, which, when implemented in your welcome series, will multiply sales by 2 or 3 times.

Best part?

This is probably the easiest email to write besides the infamous “9 word email.”

Plus, it has an added benefit:

It makes it crystal clear for your clients to see that your emails work (without looking at the sales number from your emails).

And it improves the deliverability of every email you send.

So what’s this sneaky email?

I call it the “Check Up” email.

Here’s how it works:

When someone joins your email list, your first email delivers them the bribe (discount code, free PDF, etc.). And this is a good email to share your “origin story” with your list. Tell them why you started your business. How you succeeded despite whatever odds you faced. And how your success proves they can succeed too.

Then, most people wait a whole extra day to send another email to their new subscriber.

But this is a mistake.


Because you’re missing out on all the benefits I started this email with:

* Improving deliverability

* Multiplying sales

* Proving your worth to your clients (if you’re doing this work for clients)

* And forming real connections with the people on your list — a crucial ingredient for fostering the "KLT factor" I talk about

Instead of waiting 24 hours to send another email, I want you to send this email a few hours after they received your first email.

This email needs to be as plain-text as possible.

(Even when a client wants me to add their logo to the top of emails—something I warn against most times—I won’t even put it here.)

And all you do is ask them if they received your first email. Tell them that sometimes these emails end up in spam. Then ask them to reply, so you know they got it.

And I also like to plug in a product block in the P.S., so they have an opportunity to buy something if’n they want.

I’ve gotten text messages from clients after implementing this dirt-simple email about how shocked they were people replied.

It improves the deliverability of every single email you send because replies are worth their weight in gold to companies like Gmail and Yahoo.

Which, in turn, leads to a chunk load of more sales.

And I spend no more than 5 minutes writing and adding this email to Klaviyo.

It’s that simple.

Use it for your own business and your clients business and watch what happens.

And let me know your results.


If’n you need help making 30%, 50%, or even 69% of your revenue from emails kinda sorta like this one, hit reply.

If you have a proven offer and a list, the sky’s the limit.

(Not to mention… many of my clients get “unintended” benefits from working with me… like finding more affiliates to slang their products or receiving more podcast show invites.)

But my client roster gets a little more filled every day. So don’t dilly-dally too long. Or you might miss out.

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