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The smoking secret for blazing success

Today, we’re gonna talk about how smoking can make you more successful — in anything you do.

Yes, you read that right, cully.


But a very specific type of smoking…

Not smoking cigarettes.

Or weed.

Or even cigars — though I do love a good cigar every now and again.

I’m talking about smoking meats.


I’ve had pork butt in my smoker for about 12 hours.

When you smoke meats, generally speaking, the slower the better.

In other words…

You need patience.

While smoking meats is actually a hands-off process—after seasoning it up, you just need to spray the meat with some apple cider vinegar every 30-60 minutes and that’s it—it requires your full attention.

Because you have to control the fire by adding (or removing) wood and opening (or closing) the air vents. Too much wood or air, the fire burns too hot, your meat cooks too quickly, and it gets drier than the Sahara. Too little wood or air, your flame dies, and germs infiltrate your meat, wreaking havoc on your body.

Smoking meat takes patience and preparation, in other words.

And so it is with your bidness.

Patience and preparation.

Growth doesn’t happen as fast as you’d like. But if’n you're prepared, it happens faster than you’d like.

Another lil catch 22, innit?


The meat’s been sitting for a couple hours, so I need to go tend to it before this family function I’m headed to today.

In the meantime…

Grab a time on my calendar if you need help making more moolah from your emails.

And I’ll catch you back here manana.


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