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the single best client relationship trick you can do

Story time:

For the past couple years, I implemented one of the easiest client-retention strategies you could ever try.

It takes almost no effort.

It only costs a few hundred bucks at most.

And it makes your clients never even consider parting ways with you or your services (even if you don’t deliver them fantastic results).

In fact, I might even go as far as to say that it makes your clients love you…

(Okay, okay, maybe I’m overselling this a tad, but you get the point.)

This is a better predictor of success with a particular client than steroid-guzzling baseball players had in the height of the steroid-era.

And it’s so easy you have to be braindead not to at least try it.

Okay, enough build up already, yeesh.

What’s this secret?

Buying your clients gifts.

But they have to be thoughtful gifts. (Which is the hardest part of this strategy, but still isn’t that hard.)

When your client receives a random gift from you — whether on their birthday, randomly, during a holiday, or a combination of these — they go to the moon.

And you know what?

Many of my clients have even returned my proactive gift-giving with a gift of their own.

Plus, it makes it all but impossible for them to “fire” me.

Now, finding thoughtful gifts can be hard. But you make it a lot easier on yourself by listening to them during meetings (after the biz talk ends). Just jot down any interesting things they say, and you’ll have no trouble finding a gift for them.

Does your client like bourbon? Send them a fancy bottle during Christmas.

(Psst, if any of you want to send me a bottle of your fanciest Bourbon… My address is in the footer for all these emails. It will be greatly appreciated… and I’ll probably write an email about you…)

Is your client conscious about their health? Send them a fancy bottle of olive oil.

Everyone loves olive oil. (This one was a hit last Christmas if you’re lucky enough to call yourself one of my clients.)

Is your client a real POS? Send them a bag of dicks.

(Lol … kidding. Don’t do this. Or at least wait until you fire them.)

Get creative with it.

As long as it’s something that feels personal to them, they’ll love it.

And you won’t have to worry so much about finding new clients when all your current ones are happy as a mf.

Anyway, if you want a personalized gift from me this Christmas, grab a time with me here.

If you have a list and a proven offer, we’ll make it rain with email throughout the year, and I’ll send you a special gift come Christmas.


P.S. Know any other business owners who need help with their email (and wouldn’t mind an extra Christmas gift too)?

Refer them to me. And I’ll split the first month with you (and I might even send you a special gift too). But only if you join my email list.

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