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The sad truth about agencies and freelancers

I haven’t had the best day…

But luckily for me (and for you) this email contains a rage-filled lesson about life and working with agencies and freelancers that no other freelancer has the cajones to say out loud:

Agencies and freelancers don’t care about you.

It’s impossible for them to care more about your business than you. And that’s where the problems arise…

Y’see, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had miserable experiences with both agencies and freelancers.

They promise you the world but don’t deliver.

They miss deadlines then make excuses as to why they missed them.

And they’ve made me do a lot more work than, quite frankly, I should be doing because that’s the reason I’ve hired both.

But most important of all?

And a bit of good news for this otherwise angry email?

I pride myself on not being like these jabronis.

Because I know how it feels to get played by agencies and freelancers, I approach my business in a very different way…

I don’t miss deadlines.

I care about my clients’ businesses almost as much as them (because their business is directly tied into my business).

And I don’t promise them the world when I’m unable to deliver. Now, I’m not perfect. But in the few times I haven’t been able to deliver results I was proud of, I tried everything possible to rectify the situation - something I don’t notice from most agencies or freelancers.

Now, I can’t say ALL agencies or freelancers are allergic to deadlines, overpromise and underdeliver, and make excuses when they don’t.

But the sad truth is I’d estimate 90% of them are.

That’s why you must heed this message:

If you’re thinking about working with an agency or freelancer, think again. Unless, of course, it’s yours truly or someone you already trust.

Because a lot of these guys are social-media-paths:

They talk a big game on Twitter or Facebook.

They have thousands upon thousands of followers.

And from the outside looking in, they have a countless number of future agency owners and freelancers looking up to them.

But when you actually hire these jabronis?

Well, just read the first half of this email again.

Rant over.

If you want to work with someone who gets as infuriated as I do when both agencies and freelancers give the entire industry a bad name… and you need help growing your monthly email revenue while also making your subscribers look forward to each email they receive, hit reply.


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