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The REAL reason I learned copywriting

I just experienced one of the best “perks” of being a copywriter.


Years ago, when I was lost and confused about which direction I wanted to take my life in… I stumbled across a Ben Settle interview, and learned that copywriting itself was a thing.

(Crazy how college mentioned nada about copywriting, eh?)

And Ben lured me in like a worm does a fish.

He helped me realize that I could learn high-leverage skill by discovering marketing, persuasion, and copywriting — and how I could help just about any business on earth with this skill.

Every business, no matter what you sell, could always use more customers. And copywriting helps businesses, well, get more customers.

Since then, I’ve had quite a journey:

I landed a job (without a college degree) at a fast growing design agency startup. I stayed there for a few years, before trying my hand at freelance email copywriting.

Since then, I’ve helped a handful-and-a-half ecom businesses make more money every time they hit send.

This led to moments of feeling deeply proud:

I’ve generated over a million dollars for one of my clients in particular. My best revenue-generating email created something absurd like $50k in revenue—from only one email. I’ve led product launches that created well over $100k in revenue. And this client once referred to me as “the son he never had.”

I’ve received glowing testimonials and reviews from damn near every client I helped.

I raised my income by more than 250% since starting my business.

And there are plenty of other accolades I’ve enjoyed since starting my copywriting journey.

But none match what I did today…

Here’s the story:

My grandpa’s father (my great grandpa) started a car business in Youngstown, Ohio way back when the steel mills existed and Youngstown’s population rivaled New York and Chicago (especially when you factor in per capita stats).

They sold cars for years, before opening a body shop too.

Before he passed away in 2000, he gave the business to his sons. They stopped selling cars because nobody had the connections my great grandpa did. But the body shop has been moving and grooving for decades.

But now, my grandpa is in his mid-70s. And him and his brothers have been trying to sell the sucker for years — without much success.

My grandpa retired when he was only 50, but his older brother still goes into the shop a few times per week to work on cars because he loves it.

Well, this morning, I had a two-hour conversation with them about helping them sell the business using… wait for it… my copywriting skills.

Now, nothing has happened yet. I haven’t even written a word for the project I have in mind. But nothing has given me a greater sense of joy than even being in a position to help them sell this business — something that’s been in my family for something like 70 years.

And that, my friend, is the REAL reason I got into copywriting.

Yes, I can help damn near any business under the son. Yes, I can use my skills to start my own business. And yes, I can enjoy profound amounts of freedom because of the high-value skill I learned.

But the best reason?

Being able to help my family.

Maybe you got something out of this email, maybe not. Today, I don’t care.

But I’ll say this:

Even if you don’t understand a lick about copywriting, it can help you enjoy more freedom and spend more time with your family too.

In fact, that same client I mentioned above recently moved across Canada to buy a new home closer to his daughter and his newborn grandson.

And you know what?

Mayhap I can do the same for your business.

Interested in learning more?


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