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The “pump and dump” copywriting method

Today’s tip (lolz… IYKYK) is more of an energy-boosting hack than a copywriting tip. But since y’need energy to write your best copy, I’m considering this one a copywriting tip. Sue me.


I don’t know how much sleep I got last night, but I’m a bit tired today, at 2:45 pm, when I’m writing this.

But y’know what?

I was a good 10 times sleepier after sucking down my 4th coffee today about an hour ago.

What changed within that hour?

No, I didn’t eat lunch. (Real ones don’t have time to pause the hustling for some grub… /s)

No, I didn’t take a nap. (Real ones don’t have time to pause the grinding for some shut eye… /s)

And no, I didn’t hook up an elaborate animal-based, third-party energy system, akin to a hamster sprinting on a wheel to supply my energy.

(Or did I…)

Here’s what I did do:

Grabbed my keys. Stuck them into the ignition of my car. And I drove my car a measly 7 minutes down to my local gym.

At the gym, I’m doing what my program calls “focus sessions.” A focus session is picking an underperforming muscle category (my shoulders, in my case) and banging out 2-3 muscle group specific exercises in the 10-20 rep range.

I did cable rear back flies, 3 sets of 15. And I did machine shoulder presses, 3 sets of 15.


Took me around 13 minutes.

The result?

My energy levels soared. I wrote this email. And I have enough energy to finish my day strong.

In other words:

Get a pump (at the gym). Then dump your newfound energy (on the page).

Try it next time the afternoon crash hunts you down. Or when your creativity wheels ain’t spinning.

Alright, let’s get down to business:

Whether you want to take more mid-day breaks to the gym, go on a walk, play a round of golf, or even go to your local amusement park and ride rides… outsourcing your email gives you more of your time back.

But wait—there’s more!

If you outsource it to a professional (like yours truly), you also get to watch the money roll in as you go down the rollercoaster’s hill.

I wouldn’t advise whipping out your phone mid-rollercoaster ride.

But the moolah wouldn’t stop even if you dropped your phone from the ride and watched it get smashed into smithereens.

Wanna see if sumtin’ like this makes sense for your business?

Let's set up a call. Book it here.


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