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The only thing in Dave Chappelle’s will

Few months back, Peanut and I went to see Dave Chappelle in Canton, Ohio. Dude absolutely crushed it. Live comedy makes even your favorite stand-up special seem like a random 15 minutes from a nobody at an open mic night.

During his set, he had a joke (and yes, I’m gonna butcher the funniness of it here) about dying, and how his family would be set for life if he passed away. He mentioned how they’d never have to worry about finances, probably threw in a “Chappelle’s Show” money joke, and alluded that he had millions—and MILLIONS—of shekels in his safe.

Then, he went on a tangent of unrelated jokes, before coming back to his will joke.

I forget exactly how he set it up, but in the joke, his family had to break open the safe with what they thought would contain millions—and MILLIONS—of dollars.

But as they peek inside, they see nada.

Well, almost nada.

Surprised, his family calls him to tell them that there’s nothing in the safe.

And Dave goes ballistic. He asks them if they’re sure nothing was in the safe. And upon further inspection, they find a tiny black book.

Confused, they still think there’s nothing in the safe.

To which Dave replies, “no that’s my book of jokes and that will make you RICH BIATCH.”

It reminds me of my “book” of email ideas (which is just notes in my phone), granted I get paid much less per email than Dave gets per joke.

But it brings up an important point:

You’re gonna forget all your best ideas if you don’t write them down.

Whether that means business ideas, email ideas, or joke ideas.


Wanna turn silly emails like this into cold, hard casharoni?


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