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​​the ONLY good example of an email header image

I’m a major proponent of the plain text email for reasons we won’t get into here.

But I’m not a “plain text purist.” I use images when they make sense. But 9 times outta 10, using an image doesn’t help persuade your audience to take action.

Case in point:

Brands who put their logo in the header of emails. The small benefit you get from this almost never outweighs the “cost” (in terms of deliverability and landing in the proper inboxes).

But Peanut and I are on our way to go to a trampoline park for my little twin cousins’ birthday. Since I convinced her to drive (told you I’m persuasive…), I’m sitting checking on my email, waiting for a couple of important updates from my clients, when I opened an email and saw the single best use of a header image used in an email:

Who sent the email? What header imager was so impactful that it made me open up my notes up and start writing an email about it immediately?


Their header image?

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

So, what makes this so great?

They’re subsonwciously “hypnotizing” you (for lack of a better term…) to get addicted to Zyn.

Doesn’t matter if nicotine is addictive or not. What matters is they reinforce the belief that it is at every possible interaction with their company.

And that, my friend, is persuasive.


Need help writing emails more persuasive than repeating nicotine is addictive for decades? Grab a time here, and let’s chat.


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