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the one industry I refuse to work for (apologies in advance)

I made an aggressive business decision recently:

I will no longer work for CBD companies.

This is a decision I’ve flirted with for a while, but one I didn’t set into stone until last week.

So, why did I make this decision?

Well, every CBD company I’ve worked for has screwed me over in one way or another.

Since I started my business three years ago, I’ve worked with a handful of CBD companies. One company still owes me a sizable chunk of cheddar, and they’ve owed me this for years. Another one “ghosted” me for like 2 months without paying my invoice. Then expected me to do more work for them when they paid 2 months later without an apology. Other CBD companies I’ve worked for in the beginning of my copywriting journey had me doing shady activities like writing fake reviews, etc. Something I’m not proud to admit.

And there are other reasons that went into my decision. But my decision goes into effect immediately and is final.

Apologies in advance if you have a CBD company and want me to help write your emails.

I think CBD companies point to a deeper problem in business too:

Now, I personally like CBD. There are certain situations where CBD is a godsend for your problems. It’s a great post workout tool to squash your muscle soreness. It can help you fall asleep quickfast. It’s much safer than pharmaceutical drugs for chronic pain and mental health problems.

But it also attracts some of the shadiest business folks to it in the same way politics attracts the most sociopathic people in a given country.

Now, I’m sure there are good and honest CBD companies. But most people starting CBD companies just wanna make a quick buck, and don’t care who comes in their way of making said quick buck.

They’ll ghost you without paying your invoice. They’ll pay your invoice months later then expect you to bend over backwards for them. They’ll try to pay you to basically lie to their customers by doctoring reviews, testimonials, etc.

(Remember my last email: doctoring social proof is the most effective way to “write” persuasive copy.)

And, it’ll do me mental health better to say no to any CBD company. The short term cash just ain’t worth the headaches and hassles that come along with the industry.

Moral of the story?

If you’re a copywriter, heed this advice.

If you’re a business owner, being honest helps you attract top talent.

Sumtin’ to stick into your pipe and smoke on for a bit.

Anyway, if you have a proven offer, have an email list of at least 10k, and don’t sell CBD as your main product, book a call here, and let’s see if partnering together makes sense.


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