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the obvious way CEOs fvck up their biz

Yesterday, I shared some sneaky ways CEOs fvck up their biz.


I wanna talk about some obvious ways they do this. Which isn’t as insidious, but it’s millions of times more lethal.

Grab your favorite beverage and checky this quick story:

Few weeks back, I had a sales call with an ecom brand. They wanted to increase their email revenue. And I help brands increase their email revenue. Seems like a win-win eh?

Not so fast, sucker.

Here’s what happened:

First, they showed up 2-3 minutes late for the meeting. Strike numero uno.

I’ve had hundreds of sales calls with other companies. I think there was one exception of me working with someone who showed up late or no-show’d to our initial meeting. Once.

Then, he also showed up with his self-proclaimed “Klaviyo wizard.” Strike numero dos.

No offense to this other bloke on the call, but I’m a better email copywriter than him lol. And the only bit of proof I have is that your boss booked a call with me. He wouldn’t have done that if you were getting results.

But even worse than that…

We got to talking. He described his problems and I diagnosed them like a doctor.

From my perspective, there were a bunch of easy wins that could’ve added a whole chunk o’ change to his bottom line. Before I started giving him my “email doctor prescription,” he asked me what my process was.

Okay. No harm, no foul.

I told him I’d need access to his Klaviyo account for an initial audit. Then I could formulate a strategy for him and get him the results he wanted.


As soon as I said something about Klaviyo access and an initial review, he said, “Nah, that’s a non-starter.”

He probably could sense the bewilderment on my face. Because I’ve never gotten this objection before. (And I probably won’t ever get it again.)

I asked him why he wouldn’t let me into his Klaviyo account.

His response?

Well, he had no response. The only thing he said was he was 50 and this wasn't his first rodeo. (Sure seems like it was his first rodeo though… If he got screwed over in the past, I’d understand. But I even asked him if someone screwed him over, and he said nope.)

Okay, bucko, well it ain’t my first rodeo either.

How do you expect someone to improve your email results without letting them schedule, plan, and track email results? It’s brain dead. No other word for it.

How could I improve your copy when I can’t even see it?

It’s like wanting to start an investment portfolio. But when your broker tells you that you need to put some money into your investment account, you say, “Nah, man that’s a non-starter. You’re gonna have to find your own money for my investment account or wave a magic wand over it until I see some results.”

To be clear:

This wasn’t about my prices (which are on the more expensive side).

This wasn’t about my expertise or past results.

It was about access to his email software.

Even more ludicrous:

Klaviyo has certain “access” privileges. You can make another “user” in your account and hide sensitive info from said user.


Moral of the story?

Some CEOs shoot themselves in their own foot before even trying.

In some weird parallel world, I helped this dude and we’re both stacking fat stacks of cash.

But in this world?

He’s gonna keep banging his head against the wall wondering why he’s not getting enough email sales. And he’s gonna keep wasting other mfs time.

You can’t be scared in biz.

Look, I know there are horror stories out there. Some clients have even fvcked me over. (I’m proud to admit I’ve never fvcked over any of my clients.)

But if you’re scared?

You’re ngmi. (Not Gonna Make It)

Nothing is guaranteed in life. Some of my clients see much better results than others.

But if you’re scared to take risks? Especially a miniscule risk as adding another “user” to your email software, why’d you even book a call? Do you not wanna let me help you make money?



And immature as hail for a 50-year-old on his “second rodeo.”

You wasted both of our time and the bloke you invited to the call.

Many lessons in here if you’re wise enough to get them.


Have a proven offer? And are you okay with letting someone else access your email software?

Then let’s connect. I’ll help you write entertaining emails that sell like there’s no tomorrow. Book a discovery call, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Just as long as you're okay with letting me help you make money though.


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