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The most annoying mistake you can make with email

Got a brain dead story for you today about a brain dead thing I did in my client’s email software. (Don’t worry, this story only has one victim, and issa me. I doubt my client even noticed this mishap.)

What hap’n’d?

Well, after setting up a VIP flow—targeting buyers who have made a certain number of purchases, which, in the 3 days this campaign has been active has already generated an additional $5,580.31 in revenue that we likely wouldn’t have gotten otherwise—I decided to commit the biggest mistake of my copywriting career.

That mistake?

Well, in Klaviyo, I decided to add my email address as a BCC to the emails that get sent out. Since there were 3,434 customers who met this criteria, I received 3,434 copies of the first email in my inbox.

As soon as the first few came in, I screamed “NoooOooOoooooOoooooOo” at the top of my lungs and whimpered in despair.

It took me a good 30 minutes (which is an eternity in email-deleting time) to delete all 3,434 emails from my primary inbox.

Now, my intentions were good:

I wanted to make myself a BCC on any replies a customer had from any of the emails in this sequence. But Klaviyo had other plans for me—like sending me 3,434 copies of the same. exact. email.


I bring this up for two reasons:

1. Don’t BCC yourself (or your client) on a marketing email. This should’ve been obvious, but alas, we all commit mistakes.

2. With this being the biggest email mistake I’ve committed in my career, it could be worse.

Sure, it was a pain in the arse to delete all these emails from my inbox. But at least I BCC’d myself, and not my client.

In fact, yanno what?

I bet if I were to ask my client about this blunder, he never would’ve realized it happened.

In other words:

Find yourself an email copywriter whose biggest mistake is accidentally BCCing himself to a marketing email instead of one that causes irreversible damage to your brand (as many inexperienced copywriters do).

Lucky for you all you gotta do is grab a time here to find an email copywriter just like that.

And whatever you do, don’t BCC yourself to an email that goes out to thousands of people. (I’m just thankful I didn’t do this to one of our broadcast emails that goes out to 30,000+ people versus the 3,434 people it went out to).


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