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The magic of TRUE urgency

I’m writing this email on July 25, 2023 for context. But the lesson inside is evergreen, so if you’re seeing this email months or even years after I wrote it, stick around to the end.

As it currently stands, UPS workers are set to strike. They have until July 31st to come to an agreement, but all signs point to UPS workers striking on August 1st.

This will create shipping hell for my ecom clients.

So, this is what I’m doing today:

I sent out a quick email, updating my clients’ customers on this ordeal.

The emails I wrote will be sent soon, but they haven’t been sent yet. So, I don’t know how much moolah they’ll bring in. But I know that they’re going to sell like absolute gangbusters because we’re tapping into something that you normally can’t with ecom companies:

TRUE urgency.

Yes, it’s true that you can always embed more urgency in your copy.

Some products and services even have baked-in urgency on their own. For example, attaching a promo deadline (and sticking to it) or having a cohort-based service offering with a hard deadline.

But that’s not TRUE urgency.

TRUE urgency is something like I described above:

UPS workers going on strike, causing severe shipping delays across all other delivery services. Because even though FedEx, Amazon (I don’t know if they’ll up their delivery game if UPS goes on strike), and USPS still exist—and thank God they do exist, otherwise we’d be in a real living hell right now—these companies won’t be able to pick up the slack from UPS while still managing all their other deliveries.

It’s gonna take a whole lot longer to ship (and receive) products. And it’ll only get worse the longer UPS workers strike.

But tapping into this TRUE urgency, coming at it from the angle of trying to help, and doing a few other things in the emails that will skyrocket conversions, well, I’ll just say these emails will create an absolute avalanche of revenue.

(The real obstacle will then become making sure we can still make sales even when shipping times get severely delayed…)

Anyway, imagine having a person like this on your team. That keeps up with breaking news stories that offer both a real advantage and disadvantage to your ecom company, so you can “get ahead” of the stories and prevent a nightmare situation for your business.

Some would say someone like this is worth their weight in gold (and my outrageous fees for running your email marketing ship would agree).

Anyway, if you need someone like this on your team, hit reply. We’ll find a time that works for us, and if we’re a good fit, the moon’s our limit.


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