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The “M-word” that squanders your time and freedom

I’ve been back from my vacation for 10 days.

And you know what?

Yesterday was the first time I had zero meetings all day.

Since I got back, meetings have bombarded me.

I’ve had sales calls, client calls, and even software company calls (where I’m being sold instead of doing the selling).

Most days, I had 2 to 4 hour-long meetings per day.

If you string together 4 hour-long meetings it doesn’t leave you much time to, well, work.

Well that all changed yesterday:

I had no meetings.

And I accomplished far more during my working hours than I had in any other day since I got back from vacay.

Here’s why I bring it up:

You need to have meetings in your business. That’s obvious.

Especially if you offer an expensive service (like yours truly) or if you have an in-depth sales and onboarding process (again, like yours truly).

But too many meetings will nuke your time, your freedom, and your impact.

Here’s my suggestion:

Ruthlessly cut any meeting out of your schedule that doesn’t support your goals.

Otherwise, you’ll end up working 10+ hour days with nada to show for it.

Because while meetings are helpful — especially meetings with clients to discuss projects and meetings with leads to transform them into clients — they’re also a massive time suck.


If you wanna have more time for pointless meetings because you’re making so much money via email you don’t know how else to spend your day…

…book a discovery call here.

We’ll hop on a short call to see if we’re a good fit.

But heed this cully:

I’ve spent enough time in meetings over the last week and a half. So here’s all I ask from you:

Don’t book a meeting just to “see what I can do.”

I only wanna work with other businesses who:

1. Have a proven offer and an email list

2. Need immediate help with their email strategy

3. Will give me full freedom to work as I see fit


Book a discovery call if you fit my strict criteria.


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