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The easiest, yet most expensive way to hone your copy chops

I’m about to reveal perhaps the easiest way to level up your copy from an amateurish level to a pro level.

But it comes with a downside:

It’s also the most expensive way to write better copy.

The secret?

Well, you’re gonna wanna sit down before you read this because it’ll make you stand up and shout “aha!”

So, I’ll give you a few seconds to sit your arse down so this secret can feel the full brunt of this secret:


I’ll give you 5 more seconds to sit down.

5… 4… 3…



Alight, I hope you’re sitting and ready to explode out of your seat:

The easiest way to write copy, especially for a new product or client you just signed?

Actually buying—and using—the product before you write a lick of copy.

Now, mayhap this didn’t blow your mind as much as my setup entailed. But that’s on you, cully, because this ish works.

And here's why:

When you actually use a product before you write copy promoting it, you understand said product on a much more visceral level.

You understand the weird little nuances that make it better than other products. You also understand the downsides of said product (which is another powerful approach to writing copy that most marketers are too scared to use).

Not to mention, you also have a much better grasp of your target audience themselves.

You get an intimate glimpse into their life using the product, which makes “writing in their language” (a common copywriting trope) much easier and more effective.

So that’s your “homework” for today:

Buy one of your client’s products—or one of your affiliate’s products if’n you have your own business—and use it for a few days before writing copy.

Methinks you’ll find your copy becomes much more persuasive and profitable.

(And this also works for competitors’ products too—where you use their product to gain a deeper understanding of how to poach their customers and bring em to your business instead.)

And if’n you need help doing any of this—or writing more persuasive and profitable emails, grab a time here.

We’ll hop on a quick call, and if’n we’re a good fit, then, well, the sky’s the limit.


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