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The easiest way to whip up emails that generate at least $92,088.30

February is American Heart Month, which is a big deal for one of my clients who sells heart supplements.

Last year, we sent a 6-day campaign focused on American Health Month. In each email, we mentioned another, more in-depth “pain point” then recommended a heart supplement that could help.

When I do campaigns like this, I like to add a layer of complexity to each send. The first email in said campaigns scratches the surface of the problem and solution. Then each subsequent email takes our readers further down the rabbit hole.

(The effectiveness of campaigns created like this still shocks me to this day…)

Last year, over the course of 5 emails over 6 days, we generated a whopping $46,044.15 in revenue.

“But wait, John!!! Your subject line said these emails could generate at least $92,088.30. That’s double the numbers you just boasted about!”

Good catch, cully.

Here’s why I doubled the number in the subject line:

This year, I’m repurposing the same exact emails to the T, and sending them again to our list. The only thing I changed were bad links and product names, since a few of the products we mentioned last year got rebranded and have a new name.

And I suspect they’ll generate at least the same amount of revenue. But it’s more likely they’ll generate even more revenue because I added an email we weren’t able to send last year.

Best part?

Not only did I already write and prove these emails (meaning, it took no more than 20 minutes to set up 6 emails again that will generate around $50k in revenue), but we had this great success without offering a coupon code or discount too.

Such is the value of working with an email copywriter who knows wtf they’re doing.

Wanna see how this could work for your business?


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