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The easiest sales that can be had

I just jumped off a call with one of the most pleasant Canadians I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with. (Canadians are a pleasant folk in general, but this guy tops that list.)

The call?

Well, it was a sales call. But it wasn’t your typical type of sales call where you work from a script, keep your mouth shut after you mention your price, or have to follow up endlessly after the call because they gave you a “soft” yes.

No, it was far easier than that:

We chatted about music (we’re both bassists), why reading words on paper instead of a screen boosts comprehension, his new puppies, and how my cat tried jumping on my desk and biffed hard, right as I was about to quote my fees.

And you know what?

‘Twas one of the easiest sales I’ve made.

Not for any of the reasons mentioned here. But because of an important detail I left out:

The bloke I chatted with today is subscribed to my client’s email list. He reached out after I wrote an email, already “pre-sold” on the idea of hiring me.

This sale reminds me of another one I had this month:

It was with my grandpa’s cousin (someone I’ve never met, and barely even knew he existed just a few months ago) who runs his own paid weekly magazine in a boujee area in Georgia.

(Lesson in there, for those wise enough to see it)

Moral of the story?

Referrals and recommendations from friends unlock easier sales. Doesn’t matter if you’re selling an expensive service like muah or running an ecom store.

And it reminds me:

If you know someone who needs help with their email, I’ll send you 50% of my first month’s fee (which can easily be 4 figures) as my way of thanking you.

Need help unlocking more sales from your email strategy?

One of my “hidden” powers is writing emails that people enjoy reading, buying from, and sharing with others—unlocking easier sales for you.

Hit reply if you’d like to know more about working together.


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