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The dude who hasn’t eaten or drunken in years

I’m trying to start a new Money Twitter platitude suckers can fap over:

Eating and drinking (water) are for the weak-minded.

Check this out:

Couple weeks ago, I was working on a podcast episode where the host told a story about his “breatharian” trainer, Elitom El-amin.

Elitom hasn’t eaten food or drunken water in like two years.


Not a crumb. Not a drop.



Well, if you believe the story—and I have good reason to believe the story—it’s because he gets all his nutrient needs from two things:

1. The way he breathes the air around him

(Hence the term “breatharian.”)

2. And his mind

Wildest part of the story?

Dude’s as healthy as could be considering he hasn’t had food or water in years.

I’ve done 72-hour fasts before, and they suck.

99.999% of people couldn’t last 72 hours without water.

And yet, here’s a guy who has mastered his environment to the point that air serves as both his water and food.

I’m not sure there’s a point to this story, but some stories are just so mind-bending you have to share them.

If I had to pluck a lesson outta this, it’d be this:

Eating and drinking (water) are for the weak-minded.

LOL jk.

The real lesson?

Your mind is far more powerful than you give it credit for.

“Your world within creates your world without.”

Your world within? Those are your thoughts, beliefs, etc.

Your world without? That means everything outside your body.

Just sum thought for food (and water)—literally.


One of the things standing between you and doubling, tripling, or even quintupling your income right now is your mindset around hitting reply.


Because I’ve helped many businesses in several industries fix their email marketing, make more moolah, and enjoy more freedom.

Maybe you’re next?

And who knows, if we achieve life-changing results together maybe we can go pay Mr. Elitom El-amin a visit and see if he’s lying or learn how to survive without the “necessities” of life.

Book a call with me here, and let’s see what happens.


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