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The counterintuitive way to turn 20 min into 4 hours

Got a quick lil productivity hack for you today.

Keep reading, and I’ll show you how to turn 20 measly minutes into 4 hours of raw energy.

But I gotta warn you:

It’s counterintuitive, so you won’t understand this fully until you try it.

Here’s the story:

I got an unusually early start to work yesterday. I woke up at my normal time, but I was too exhausted for a morning gym sesh. (Don’t worry, I still went in the evening.)

Anyway, after banging out a bunch of email copy for my clients, I ate Chipotle. Then, I got real tired. Too tired to focus, start a new project, or even sit at my desk.

So here’s what I did:

I walked two feet over from my office to my bedroom. Then, I took the most refreshing 20-minute nap I ever did take.

The result?

My energy levels restored, and I powered through another productive 4-hour timeframe.

When I felt good enough to be done with the day, I went to the gym and had a great lift sesh. Then, I came home and practiced my bass for my upcoming gig.

So, add in the hours spent at the gym and practicing… that 20-minute nap unlocked a good 6 or 7 extra hours of productive time to my day.

Now, there have been other days when I felt the same way as yesterday… but tried to power through it instead of giving my mind a rest.

Without exception, the 20-minute nap was a better productivity hack than trying to power through it.

Do with that what thou wilt.

Just figured I'd share.


Wanna know how I “get away” with taking naps in the middle of my day?

Because my business unlocks freedom.

If you’re business enslaves you rather than frees you, mayhap I can help:

Nothing unlocks freedom like cash money bay-bee.

And nothing unlocks cash money like sending emails people love to read and buy from.

Maybe you can see where this is going…

So if you have a proven offer and wanna make more cash money and unlock more freedom, book a call, and let’s chat.


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