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The counterintuitive way to never run out of content ideas

Content creators need to have an endless stream of content ideas hitting their noggin. Especially when you create daily content—whether you write emails, schedule tweets, create YouTube videos, record podcast episodes, write blog posts, and I can go on.

But creativity is weird.

You can’t “force” it.

When you overwhelm yourself with the insurmountable amount of content you must pump out, your creativity jumps off a cliff.

Overwhelm, stress, and anxiety aren’t what you need to create more persuasive content.

You need discipline.

Lemme explain:

Most people think of discipline and creativity as complete opposites.

Discipline is the rugged man who wakes up at 4:16 am every morning, chugs 8 raw eggs, and heads to the gym for 2 hours and lifts heavy weights.

Creativity is the beautiful, free-spirited girl who sleeps in until noon, spends an hour studying astrology, then paints the rest of the day.

Here’s the kicker:

Sure they may seem like opposites. They may even be opposites. But they need each other.

Creativity needs discipline — and discipline needs creativity.

If you follow Joshua Lisec on Twitter, the best red-headed ghostwriter I know, he has a series of tweets like:

“Right-wing bodybuilder bf 🤝 left-wing vegan gf”

On the surface, this looks like the classic “opposites attract” trope in the dating world.

When you dig a bit deeper?

He’s describing the creative process.

Which brings me to the point:

The best way (heh... IYKYK) to NEVER run out of content ideas is to create content daily.

Ideas beget ideas.

Emails beget emails.

Tweets beget tweets.

And so on.

But remember:

You can’t do this if you’re overwhelmed, stressed, and riddled with anxious thoughts.

Those are the true opposites of creativity.

But when you mix a lil creativity with an ounce of discipline, your brain does some funny things:

It “zones in” on content ideas. Which means, you might have a kickass idea when you’re watching Netflix. Or laying down in bed before you fall asleep. Or when you’re smack-dab in the middle of a tough workout.

And, of course, you’ll have more content ideas when you’re creating content.

It’s funny how it works.

But it does work.

So slip on some, hit the gym, and commit to creating one piece of content daily.

Methinks you’ll be shocked at how easy your brain force feeds new content ideas while you do.



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