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The case for lower paying clients

A while back, I wrote about the differences between a $500 client and a $5,000 client.

Clients who invest more in your services are less likely to be a pain in your you-know-what.

But the advice is also a little misguided.


Because lower paying clients can make good clients. Especially when you’re starting out.

If you deliver results for them, they’ll give you glowing testimonials, which you can pimp out to land higher-paying clients.

Lower paying clients can also become higher paying clients. Which, in my biased opinion, makes the best clients. Remember: it’s always easier convincing someone who has already whipped out their credit card to pay you to whip it out and pay you again.

In fact, check out this story:

One of my highest paying clients now wasn’t always like that.

When I first reached out to him and hopped on a sales call, he gasped at the price I quoted him.

But after delivering results for him month after month, we negotiated new rates.

And after continuing to deliver results for him month after month, we negotiated newer, even higher-paying rates.

Today, he happily pays me more than 3x more than my original quote to him.

If I woulda quoted my current rate now to him on our first sales call…

…he probably would’ve hung up and hired someone who couldn’t deliver results like me.

So, that’s my case for lower paying clients.

But keep this tucked deep inside your psyche:

You have to be proactive about increasing your rates as you deliver results.


If you need a copywriter who will grow as you will—and just might even help you increase your total revenue by 489.43% in just a few years…

Book a discovery call here, and let’s talk.


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