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The absolute BEST time to launch a new product

Lil follow up to yesterday’s email.

Yesterday, I shared how my client and I launched a product at the worst possible time, i.e. when our new site launched with record-breaking load times (in a bad way) and record-breaking bugs.

Today, I’ma tell you the absolute BEST time to launch a new product.

Ready for it?

You might think you’re ready, but I suspect you aren’t. Because even though what I’m about to tell you can make your wallet fatter, it requires work — something most folks are allergic to.

But I’ma tell you anyway — because I care about you and you deserve to know the truth:

The best time to launch a new product…





It reminds me of that saying about planting trees:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.”

And so it is with product launches.

Here’s why I bring up this “Obvious Adams” point:

Entrepreneurs—whether they make $2k a month, $20k a month, or $200k a month—tend to overanalyze and overplan. Especially when they’re a victim of Shiny Object Syndrome.

They may have a new offer they’re ready to launch right meow, but don’t because they need:

* A super-duper funnel

* An upsell backend offer to make even more moolah

* A new website, logo, and email list

* Ad campaigns, billboards, you name it

Do these things help?

Yes, they can.

But lemme give you a word from the masterful Ben Settle:

“Small funnels get implemented”

And nothing’s smaller than an “email to sale” funnel.

You can always add the bells and whistles after you prove your new offer is sumtin your audience wants.

But no sense in adding complexity before confirming your new offer is sumtin your audience wants.

Ain’t no sense in delaying your product launch either. If your offer actually solves a “hair on fire” problem for your audience, it's your God-given duty to share it with them instead of forcing them to suffer through whatever problems they have because they don’t have your offer.

Anywho, I hope you use this email to make outrageous profits.

And if you need someone to help you implement the simple, yet wildly profitable “email to sales” funnel, book a Discovery Call here, and let’s chat.


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