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That time my client forwarded me a Money Twitter copywriter’s pitch

True story:

Couple of months back, my client forwarded me a pitch from a Money Twitter copywriter with many times more followers than yours truly.

In fact, this dude has nearly 32k followers compared to my measly just above 500 (at the time of writing this, though I don’t prioritize Twitter growth because, as you’ll read, it does not matter nor affect me in any way, shape, or form, so there’s a good chance my follower count will sit around there).


I forget the exact pitch this “direct response email influencer” gave, but the offer he pitched was, in fact, less than two times less of a percentage that I’m making via email for my client.

He pitched something like “we’ll help you make at least 30% of revenue from Klaviyo.”

At the time, I was generating about 58% of revenue from email in Klaviyo for my client.


Couple of points to this tweet:

1. A complete humblebrag: But I’m better than 99% of these fake arse gurus and influencers on Twitter who have many times more followers than me.

2. If you try to reach out to MY clients, they will forward me your shitty pitch. And I will veto them (unless they aren’t related to email because then we might be in bidness). Be cautious.

(Here’s the hidden humblebrag in this point: My clients look at me as their partner in business-making decisions. That’s something that, given the highly unlikely ability that ChatGPT can write more infectious copy than yours truly, it will never be able to replace.)

3. Twitter followers don’t matter.

You’d think a guy with almost 32k followers would, I don’t know, try to leverage Twitter to get clients? I respect the hustle, but seems kinda dumb from my point of view.

Here’s the thing…

I never prioritized Twitter growth. The same way I never prioritized Facebook “growth” or Instagram growth or any other social media platform for that matter.


There were simply better ways to land new clients when I was starting out. And I’ve instead doubled down on those processes instead of being a sucker of Shiny Object Syndrome chasing every car that passes, no different than a dumb dog.

(Lesson in there)

Receiving this “influencer’s” pitch confirmed my suspicions.

Anyway, if you’re lucky enough to see this, let’s show up these Twitter Gurus making it—to the tune of 2x of a percentage more profitable than whatever the next “email copywritoooooor” on Twitter with thousands upon thousands of followers—by grabbing a time on my calendar here.

And if'n we find out we are a good fit during our call? We’ll make all these Twitter Bros lose sleep when they cold email you their pitch.



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