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That ain’t a good look, cully

Few days ago, I sent an email with the subject line:

The sad truth about agencies and freelancers

(Search your inbox if’n you missed it, it’s a good one.)

My intention with this email was to ruffle some feathers. And it delivered. Big time.

In fact, a few people even unsubscribed after reading said email. Guilty as charged - mesuspects they were the EXACT type of freelancers I was warning people to avoid like the plague.

Mission accomplished.

So, what’s the point of this email?

Well, first, this kinda confirms everything I said in The sad truth about agencies and freelancers email. Some freelancers don’t even have the cajones to stick around and learn how they can improve themselves.

Second, it brings up another weighty point:

Unsubscribes are often a good thing.

Biz owners tend to worry more about unsubscribes than sending better emails. But unsubscribes, as was proven by freelancers who read The sad truth about agencies and freelancers email, are usually the worst people on your list hitting unsubscribe.

Nothing against them personally, of course. Maybe your service (or in my case, mastery) just ain’t for them, and that’s fine.

But many people who unsubscribe never would’ve become customers anyway. Which means they’re taking up space from future customers on your list. And why would you cater to non-customers over future and present customers?

It’s silly.

And you’re a silly goose if’n you notice yourself worrying more about unsubscribes than sales.

Couple bite-sized pieces of food for you to mull over today.

Need help getting rid of your silly gooseness, or finding a freelancer who makes other freelancers quiver and convulse and unsubscribe for saying something as flaccid as “you gotta hit your deadlines and underpromise and overdeliver?”

Hit reply, and let’s chat.


P.S. Tomorrow, I have an equally bad freelancing copywriter “offer” example I wanna share from something that crossed my desk late last night…

Meet you back here manana.

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