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Sucks to lose a limb until you’re in a one-legged contest

When you have your own business, it can get rather lonely sometimes.

You don’t know how a particular idea will pan out. Imposter syndrome consumes you. You don’t know who to turn to for help—and you realize sometimes the help you do get will be dead wrong.

All of this makes it easy to fall into a bit of a dark hole. Mesuspects every entrepreneur falls into these dark holes sometimes. The best ones just know how to pull themselves out of it as quickly as they fall into it.

Well, today I’m gonna help you do just that with a story that will give you your daily dose of hope and comfort.

(We all need hope & comfort from time to time.)


I peeped an interview with Rainn Wilson (who played Dwight Shrute in The Office) recently. In said interview, Rainn told the story about how he auditioned for (and won) his role in The Office.

Turns out, it wasn’t always sunshine and rainnbows for Rainn.

Y’see, a couple of weeks before The Office started taking auditions, Rainn was up for another show in which he really wanted to get. At this point in his career, Rainn was hardly a household name, and The Office was just a British TV show that nobody across the pond quite watched (even though, when asked, they’d say they “looOoOooOoved it”).

Rainn also wanted to get this role because he thought it could become the hottest show on television.

Well, mayhap you can guess what happened next:

Rainn bombed the audition.

It was one of the most humiliating “lows” of his still-young career.

But, through this obstacle, an incredible door appeared:

About two weeks later, The Office started hosting auditions, and since Rainn bombed his last audition and didn't get the role he wanted, his schedule was free to audition for The Office.

He crushed his audition, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Office remains one of the best (and most rewatched) sitcoms in television history. And had Rainn not bombed the audition before his The Office audition, the Dwight everyone knows and hates (and loves) would’ve been filled by some other jabroni and I wouldn’t be writing this email about Rainn Wilson.

Life’s funny like that sometimes.

Moral of the story?

It sucks to lose a limb until you’re in a one-legged contest.

Need help writing emails kinda sorta like this which not only drown you in shekels but creates an inseparable bond between you and your customers? Hit reply, and let’s chat.


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