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“Success is closer than you think, maggot!”


I’m gonna sound like a complete guru today.

Apologies in advance.

In Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich book, a cult classic among the guru types, there’s a story called three feet from gold.

The story takes place during the gold rush. And a young man and his uncle wanted to strike gold. They drilled and drilled and drilled. For months on end. But they found nada.

After three months of digging without any gold to show for it, they decided to quit. They sold their digging equipment to the “junkman.” And they went back to their normal lives.

A fatal, million dollar mistake was a-brewing.


Well, the junkman wasn’t much of a gold digger, but he wasn’t messin’ with no broke-de-broke. (s/o Kanye for the latter half of that sentence.)

Since the junkman didn’t know much about digging for gold himself, he consulted some experts first.

(Lesson in there)

Turns out, the young man and his uncle were just three mf feet away from striking gold!

So, the junkman did the last 1% of the work — and cashed out like LeBron.

Moral of the story?

It’s a twofer:

1. Don’t quit, success is closer than you think.

2. When you’re stuck, consult with experts.

For example:

If you can’t figure out email to save your hiney, hit reply, and I can help.

If your business enslaves you and you wanna unlock freedom, book a call here, and I can help.

Booking a call with me is the metaphorical “three feet away from riches.”

So, hit this mf link right now, we’ll set up a quick call, and see if we’re a good fit to partner together.



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