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Stop fearing “sending too many emails”

I got a bone to pick today:

With folks who fear “sending too many emails.”


Well, it’s simple: You can’t send too many emails.

Sure, sending more emails over a given period of time may increase the total number of unsubscribes. But it’s also gonna increase your revenue.

And if you hire a professional to write emails like your humble narrator here, then, well, you probably won’t even get too many unsubscribes.

Why, then, do people fear sending too many emails?

The cold, hard truth?

Either they’re terrified of failure… or terrified of success.

Ain’t no other way around it.

And you know what’s funny?

The same problem haunts both those terrified of failure and success:


On one hand, the ego takes it personally if someone unsubscribes. On the other hand, the ego still takes it personally if someone buys.

But here’s the kicker:

It’s your moral duty to send more emails to your list. Assuming you have an offer that actually helps people.

In fact, it’s selfish to not send more emails to your list.

Yes, you read that right…


Because it means you care more about your fragile lil ego than you do helping people who desperately need your help.

Imagine a doctor not taking an appointment because he doesn’t want to tell his patient bad news. Or a personal trainer not telling his client that lifting is more effective than running.

That’s what you do every day you don’t send an email.

It’s your duty to send more emails.

Yes, even if people unsubscribe.

Because the people you’ll help from sending that one extra email will be worth at least 100 unsubscribes.

Ponder this as you go about your day.

And hit reply if you need help coming up with an email strategy and email copy that converts.


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