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smh… Bud Light shoulda opened my Woodstock ‘99 email

The other day, I took a stroll in a text file that contains 250 emails I’ve written and sent to this list. One of said emails was about Woodstock ‘99 and the egregious, Bud Light-sized blunder they made which caused the last day of the festival to go up in literal flames.

Well, the subject line for this bad boy was as follows:

“How not knowing your audience can cause literal riots” (Read it again here:

And yanno what?

I checked my email subscriber list.

Not only was Bud Light on my list (before I purged them), but they were even sent this email…

And yet, they didn’t open it.

It’s a shame too because I added this banger:


But as for the most egregious thing Woodstock '99 did…

They didn’t know their audience.

Here’s what I mean:

Woodstock embodied the counterculture of its time. In the 60s, this meant the hippie movement.

Woodstock '99 also embodied the counterculture of its time. In the 90s, this meant rage and violence.

Check out some of the bands who performed at Woodstock '99:


* Sheryl Crow

* Sugar Ray

* The Offspring

* Korn

* Bush (who followed Korn’s scary and borderline violent performance… and if you don’t know who Bush is, he’s a much more laid back, softer type of rock, especially compared to Korn's screaming metal music)

* Kid Rock

* Wyclef Jean

* Counting Crows

* Dave Matthews Band

* Limp Bizkit

* Rage Against The Machine

* Metallica

* Willie Nelson

* The Red Hot Chili Peppers

And more.

Notice anything unusual about this lineup?

If you’re not as big of a fan of music as I am, let me make it crystal clear:

They mixed gangster rap with soft rock and jam with metal and screamo music.

Not a good idea...


It reminds me of the recent blunder Bud Light made:

Like Woodstock ‘99, they didn’t know their audience. If’n they did know their audience, instead of slapping a tranny on their advertising campaign they would’ve added a, well, Middle American redneck-ish person.

But they didn’t. They wanted to go the “go woke, go broke” route for some inexplicable reason.

And their sales plummeted by about 30% (at the time of me writing this).

Anheuser-Busch stocks fell too.

And there was one story of a case of Bud Light selling for a measly $3.49 in at least one store.

Moral of the story?

Luckily, it’s a good copywriting lesson too:

Know Thy Audience.

There may not be a more important “skill” you can learn in the course of your business or career.

And if you need help knowing thy audience?

Hit reply.

One of the first things I do with new clients—besides giving them a complete audit of their current marketing strategy—is taking them through a one-hour interview where I can harvest all your deepest and darkest audience insights from your subconscious, so we can hit the ground running (and making an avalanche of cash come in as a result).

I’ve had multiple clients over the years thank me for this interview. Because they think about stuff that they haven’t thought about since starting their business.

And you know what?

Yes, this type of interview will make it damn near impossible for us to make a Bud Light-sized blunder with your company. (And if we do try to rustle some feathers, it will be in a strategic way that will magnetize your ideal customers while repelling the time wasters too.)

Just grab a time here to get the ball rolling.


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