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Sitting in the New Jersey jail

(not really…)

My grandpa called me this morning.

He told me that he just got a call from “me,” saying I was locked in a New Jersey jail and needed his help.


Don’t worry, I’m not in jail.

Especially in New Jersey, which is a jail in and of itself from what the birds tell me.

And my grandma, bless her heart, defended my honor. (I hear tell she gave this scammer her three cents and more.)

Here’s why I bring it up:

1. It gave me a hearty chuckle.

2. This is your competition.

Now, I don’t mean that literally, unless, well, you work at a scam call center and weaseled your way onto my list.

But as a metaphor for your level of competition?

Methinks the shoe fits.

From a freelancer perspective?

Well, I had a call with a dude recently who told me he hired a digital marketing agency. And this agency, despite promising sky-high results, sent emails to his list of 100k active subscribers and only made a measly $200.

Y’know, our NJ Jail scammer here might be more credible than this agency.


I’ve heard horror stories from clients about their new hired freelancer ghosting them and missing their deadlines by a fat mile.

Or copywriters who act all warm and fuzzy when you talk to them, but straight up steal (aka “swipe”) another’s work and submit it as their own.

In the wild world of copywriting Facebook groups, jabronis talk a big game about handcopying ads and how they’re sooooooo great at what they do — only to be hired by an innocent biz owner and make zero sales.

In fact, there are many such cases of copywriting scammers who ain’t no different than this dude calling my grandpa saying I was locked in a NJ jail.

Moral of the story?

Do your due diligence when partnering with freelancers. You don’t wanna accidentally hire a scammer like the one who called my gramps.

And if’n you’re a freelancer, do your due diligence too. A client a few years back ghosted me because I made them too much money.

It’s a sick world out there, cully.

But it doesn’t have to be.

If you have a proven offer and a list, and you book a call here

I’ll prove to you that not all freelancers are scam artists.

And how partnering with the *right* freelancer can grow your email sales by as much as 2,348.44% while you sit back, relax, and watch the cashola roll in.

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