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Ripley’s Believe It or Not secret for dominating business

When Peanut and I were on vacation a couple of weeks ago, we lived “homeless” the last day.

We had to check out of our condo by 10 am, but then our flight didn’t leave until 6 pm. (It then got delayed, meaning we left until 8:30 pm, but that’s a story for another day.)

Instead of heading straight to airport and diddling our thumbs for 8 hours, we decided to venture out and live like “homeless” people for the day:

We had our bags, some food and water, and of course, money… which is the best way to play homeless.

Anyway, we still needed something to do during these 8 homeless hours. And I got to searching Google for activities that were both fun, time-consuming, and had A/C that wasn’t just sitting down at a bar or restaurant.

That’s when I stumbled on mayhap the greatest business in the world:

Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Ripley’s had a ton of attractions for us: Wax museums, indoor mini-golf, mirror mazes, and the list goes on.

We decided to play putt-putt and go through the mirror maze.

And it killed a good couple of hours that made stomaching homeless life much more pleasant.

But that ain’t the important part of this here email.

The important part is this:

I jokingly called Ripley’s the greatest business in the world, but there’s more than one grain of paprika of truth than that.

Here’s why:

Ripley’s took a book (where they don’t have to do ANY of the hard work… they just have to document unpaid interns doing the hard stuff for them), and turned it into a full-blown tourist attraction business that makes $756 million per year.

Pretty crazy what one book can do for you?

Now, time for the rub:

While I don’t offer this service much in this email, I’ve not only written a book myself, but I’ve also helped clients write their books in their words.

And while it probably won’t blossom into a $756 million brand like Ripley’s, it does boost your positioning, unlock easier sales, and can be the start of building a legacy for you and your family.

It also doesn't hurt that books also have an obvious and profitable tie-in for email.

And who knows, mayhap your book is the linchpin that takes your business all the way up to $756 million.

You’ll never know unless you try.

And trying—or at least setting this idea in motion—is as simple as hitting reply and jumping on a quick call with me.

But I urge you to do it quickfast if’n you wanna work with me. My client roster can be filled up by the time you finish this email.

Act fast, cully, or pay the price.


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