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Proof my wicked ways work

Few months ago, I landed a new client in the skin health space. They were in the midst of launching a new eczema supplement, and their previous email person just left them high and dry.

Well, I’m particularly good at product launches (I even wrote a whole book on it) and email, so it was a match made in heaven.

Now, before I wrote a word of my 10-email product launch, they told me they weren’t expecting great results from this launch. They’ve added supplements to their store before without much success. Their customers wanted skin creams, not supplements, they told me.

Anyway, I wrote the product launch campaign a few months ago. And it’s just been sitting and sitting and sitting inside their Klaviyo account.


Well, they were traveling back and forth between Taiwan and America. They had a million other biz things to worry about. And since they weren’t super confident in how responsive their audience would be to their product, they put it on the backburner until last week.

Couple of weeks ago, they reached out and said they finally had a launch date:


So, I tweaked the emails to reflect the new “launch dates” (we were originally supposed to launch in August), and I let ‘er rip.

Yesterday, we had our first call in a while. They have a lot of new work they want me to do, and so we chit-chatted about our upcoming work together.

But before we rapped about upcoming projects, they led the convo off with this:


“John, we just want to thank you for your incredible work on the product launch. We sold over 200 products. And even though we didn’t think this product would be effective, it was actually one of our best launches ever. Your ways really do work.”

Nothing sounds quite as sweet as the sounds of a satisfied client. I’ve been feeling all warm and gushy ever since.

Which brings me to the point:

My wicked ways work.

My product launch formula—where we sent 10 emails over the course of 5 days, including 3 emails in a single day—works.

And you know what?

There’s a good chance they’ll work for your brand too (even if you think your business is the exception and that my admittedly obnoxious email style won’t work for you).

Anywho, I got a boatload of work today, so I’ll wrap with this:

Book a call here if you want to grow your sales with email. Have your most successful product launches ever. And build a loyal base of diehard fans with every email we send.


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