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Proof email is the most forgiving medium

One of the thangs I preach about is that making mistakes in your emails is not only fine, but can actually be more profitable.

And boy do I have a story for you today.


I use Aweber for my personal emails. I’ve used it for years, and it doesn’t thrill me thinking about moving all my assets into a better software.

And so, I stick with Aweber against my better judgment.

Well, here’s where the story thickens:

Aweber recently rolled out an update to their outdated content creation platform. I cheered this on — I thought they’d finally fixed the bug where my sentences and paragraphs get extra line spaces randomly. If you’ve read my emails for any amount of time, you know what I’m referring to.

(No, that’s not some advanced copywriting trick to keep people engaged and on the edge of their seats. It’s because Aweber ain’t the best email software. Moving on…)

And, well, their new content creation platform (i.e. where I copy and paste my emails into) shit the bed on me.

I just got an email from a subscriber (thanks Victor!) where apparently my emails have been resending my welcome email, just with a new subject line. (If you haven’t noticed this, I’ve fixed it by the time you got here.)

Here’s what happened:

I’d write up the most amazing email I’ve ever written in Google Docs. Then, I copied it into Aweber. Usually, this means that the copy I copy and pasted in Aweber sends out to you.

That ain’t what happened during this week-long glitch though.

Instead, Aweber decided—on its own, mind you—to either copy my welcome email and replace the email I wrote completely or copy my welcome email below my new email.

This went on for about a week, without my knowledge. Until a subscriber wrote in and told me.

But y’know what?

As far as I can see, this didn’t cause one person to unsubscribe.

Even though I sent them the same exact email they'd already gotten when they joined my list for about a week. Plus, this accidentally launched me down Clickbait Road because Aweber decided to let me keep my new subject line. Meaning: my subject lines promised something that I didn’t deliver on.

It’s an honest mistake, yes. A stupid one too. But no reason to lose sleep at night.


Moral of the story?

1. You can probably find a better email software than Aweber.

2. Email is—hands down, bar none—the most forgiving platform ever.

Need help with your emails from a mf who ain’t afraid to admit his mistakes?

Grab a time that works for you here. And let’s hop on a quick, 15-minute call to see if partnering makes sense.


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