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partner vs copywriter

Today’s lesson has the power to boost your income to, dare I say, diabolical heights because it lets you “get away” with charging your clients more than you’re charging now.

While landing new clients is exciting and sexy… and even gives you a bit of a dopamine release, it’s also much harder to sell new people than to charge your existing customers more moolah.

Which, in and of itself, is one of the most powerful biz lessons I can drill into your head:

It’s easier to “sell” current clients and customers on paying you more than it is on finding a new client.

Which brings me to today’s email:

One thang I’ve been doing more in my freelancing business is acting like more of a partner to my clients and less like a run-of-the-mill freelance copywriter.

Here’s what that means:

* I’ve worked some royalties into a few of my clients

* I help them with other, non-copy-related aspects of their business, especially when it comes to working on their business instead of working in their business. (Subtle difference, but makes a world of a difference.)

* I tell them when they’re making a big, fat mistake with a certain piece of software or investment

* I play “tennis” with them where I let them bounce ideas off of me and give them my raw, unfiltered opinion.

* I show up to sales calls with them to help them make a better, more profitable decision.

* I interview them and drill deep into their brand, market, and USP.

And I do a bunch of other thangs like these, which have nothing to do with writing and sending emails, that bumps me up to “partner” status in their minds.

Which means a coupla things:

1. More moolah coming in, and who doesn’t like that? (Except maybe some socialist losers…)

2. I’m more “unfireable.”

Which most freelancers can’t say. (There’s a reason I’ve worked with a good portion of my clients for going on 3 years…)


3. I become more likable.

One of my clients told me he’s like the son he’s never had.

I flew out to meet another of my clients in Vegas for an event she spoke at.

I’ll have text discussions with some clients without talking about business.

And there’s a couple clients who would let me stay in their house, if I’m ever in their neck of the woods.


Because I’m their “partner,” not just their “copywriter.”

Powerful lesson for everyone reading this, I reckon.


If’n you want another “partner” to help keep your head on straight… who can increase your email sales by as much as 264.1% in a year (give or take a few %’s)...

If you have a proven offer and a decent-sized list, let’s get the ball rolling.


P.S. Remember: I’ll send you a couple grand for every referral you send my way if you're on my email list.

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